Sunday, November 2, 2014

october iphone

the wonderful month of october has sadly come to an end. the peak of fall is over & winter is on its way. i will admit that i've already begun listening to christmas music. gasp! i know the haters gonna hate, BUT all these wonderful new christmas albums came out at the end of october & i couldn't possible wait for the culturally appropriate time to listen to them. =)

i was gonna post these on halloween, but completely forgot! i saw the idea on instagram from someone who saw the idea on pinterest. they looked like they could be the evil minion version of duncan from donut man. if you know of duncan, then your childhood was more than likely AWESOME! if not & you need a visual, click here.
the perfect fall read.
and the perfect fall record.
so thankful for my co-worker who passes a starbucks on her way to work. =) =)
shopping with the bro who turned 15 this month!
cardinal donut to celebrate the playoffs (before they lost)

jessica & explored downtown a bit so she could make a st. louis video. if you would like to watch it, check out her blog!
star wars graffiti!!
the cutest captain america i've ever seen.
a no filter sunset. 

 so long, october!