Saturday, December 27, 2014

children's classics (a rifle paper inspired photo shoot)

it's no secret that i LOVE rifle paper co. my personal opinion is that anything anna bond (the founder) touches is gold. =) when i found out that she illustrated classic children's book, i knew it would be a good investment to snatch those up. after i got them, i mentioned to my sisters an idea of a photo shoot with the books where each of them dressed up as one of the book characters. well, time has not permitted us to carry through with the thought, that is until christmas break. the weather was nice enough so we seized the opportunity! when books are this lovely, they NEED to be photographed.

each of the girls picked out an outfit inspired by the characters in their books (okay, they're all wearing my clothes, except for menzi who IS wearing my shoes...haha). some of their clothes are more inspired by anna's take on the covers, which are absolutely adorable.

in case you're having difficulty seeing, the four books are: anne of green gables, a little princess, heidi, & little women
does this look familiar? this isn't the first time merri has dressed up as anne.

the inside of the book is just as gorgeous as the outside.

thanks to my sisters for their willingness to participate in my (sometimes silly) ideas!
Allyssa Downs said...

Love it! Let me know if you ever want another participant. :)


Sissy said...

How lovely.... I especially like the blouse in the Anne of Green Gables outfit