Sunday, December 28, 2014

dressember - week four

 here we are in the final stretch of dressember! it's a total God thing that during this month i'm participating in this campaign, i was to able to tag along with jessica as she spoke about bravery at a local women's shelter! the organization was doing the '12 days of christmas' with each day featuring a character trait and special speaker. jessica told her story of bravery and then we were able to take photos of the girls showing us their brave face (and, of course, some silly faces were involved too). you can read jessica's more detailed account HERE.
day 22
day 23
day 24 & 25
day 26
day 27 & 28

honestly, this was the first week that i experienced a day i did not want to wear a dress. i guess i wasn't alone in that thought as the founder of dressember put out some food for thought. she said it better than i could so i wanted to share it here, 
"it can sound like such a stretch to call a month of dresses a "sacrifice", but when you get to the end of the month, it feels exactly like that. then we remember why we're doing this- because millions of women and girls wake up everyday without the luxury of choice."