Monday, December 8, 2014

dressember - week one

the first week of december has passed & dressember has already raised $156,000 for the international justice mission! if you are interested in donating, you can visit my fundraising page HERE.

as anticipated, it wasn't the easiest to snag a picture of the dresses due to working full time with limited daylight by the time i am off. which leads me to the question, how in the world do fashion bloggers document their outifts in the winter?! anyway, no matter how much i really don't want to post low quality photos, blurry iphone pictures are not going to stop me from participating!

day 1
day 2 - a big eye roll at this picture, but i wanted a twirly one & this happened to be the only dslr picture from this week.
day 3
day 4 - just for clarification, i'm not wearing uggs. they're moccasins. just had to make that clear. =)
day 5
day 6
day 7

time for week 2!