Thursday, June 4, 2015

engagement photos (round two)

guys, we're one month away from getting married!!!!!!!!!! it's crunch time! 
and it's also the perfect time to share round two of engagement photos. these were kinda spur of the moment! i really wanted some carnival pictures and saw there was one in town for a bit, so my sister (mayci) graciously agreed to snap a few photos. i love how colorful & cheery the photos are & the special guest appearance of minions just made it that much more perfect.

so just for explanation~ i really thought the pretty teal balloon would make an excellent background not realizing that it also included a man's butt & creepy hand. hahaha. =)
that's my future husband~ the toilet toss champ! hahaha.

and i had to post the photo above because i think penelope was the  real winner of the night. pretty smart of that girl to tag along at a carnival themed photo shoot! =)

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

engagement photos (round one)

months past due, but here are our engagement pictures (round one!) from march! we are getting married on 4th of july so i wanted to incorporate that into our pictures to use for invitations. sparkler pics are kinda hard to accomplish during midday, but they were still fun! special thanks to mayci & jessica who took all the pictures below & carried through with my wishes of 4th of july themed photos AND diner shots... not at the same time. =) 

the diner pictures were cut short, but we grabbed a few iphone shots.

thank you, mayci & jessica!!!