Friday, August 28, 2015

bachelorette party fun!

i had such a wonderful time at my bachelorette party! we started the day off at chuck-a-burger which is a cute little diner i have never heard of,  but diners are my favorite places to try out! they are always a fun blast of the past & you can't go wrong with *greasy* food. haha. it was seriously delicious!
after getting our bellies full, we were ready for a little caffeine! off to picasso's in historic st. charles.
it was a little warm that day which meant lots of iced lattes! picasso's has almond syrup so it's always a special treat to get a sweet almond latte there.

hey arrow! this party is for girls!! =) 
after coffee, we perused main street for a bit. of course the vine walls were a perfect photo op!

my precious (formerly) pregnant pal.
my bridesmaids!
such an awkward picture of my matron of honor & i , but it's the best out of the lot.
sooooo incredibly grateful for that loving momma of mine!!!
we came back to the harrelson's house where an ice cream party was waiting to happen! not just any ice cream social, but a party complete with yummy vanbuskirk's ice cream & decorated with my favorite color combo!
don't forget the sprinkles!
we played games & laughed a bunch at old home videos. =)
and i can't leave out the massive tornado storm warnings that caused quite the entertainment for the evening.
and by the end of the night we were hunger again. time to order some pizza! what's up with all this *greasy* food?? =)
i'm very thankful that God has placed such wonderful women in my life!

 thank you to stef (and everyone else) who planned this fun-filled day! and, once again, thank you to mayci who took (almost) all the photos above.