Thursday, August 20, 2015


and it's time to get caught up! with all the wedding excitement, i decided to put blogging on the backburner for awhile. life has been wonderful & busy! things have finally started to slow down & i'm super pumped to be back to blogging! pulling out my dslr has been low on my priority list, but i'm anxious to dust it off & get snapping, especially with fall fast approaching. =)
before we proceed to wedding photos, i wanted to give a proper post to some summer happenings. so without further ado, here are some random iphone snaps from april (yes, APRIL! yikes.), may, & june.
found some emojii stickers & they definitely got some proper use.
i mean, why not have a sister pose with the stickers? cause she's got the whole world in her hand. haha.

there's just something special about family selfies.
arrow wasn't feeling his selfie game that day. also, congrats chris & rachel!

another family selfie above. also, the amount of times i've written 'selfie' in this post is unacceptable. those are some beautiful flowers left over from a beautiful wedding.
sweet nieces!
dairy haven=dairy heaven
national donut day was in june.....
...and we were camping that day, but still managed to celebrate that & mayci's birthday!
these two graduated in june. craziness!
celebrated stef's birthday at winslow's home
zeke made it a 'memorable' birthday for his momma. haha.
we also tried a new ice cream place (clementine's) to keep the party going.
this was 10 days until peace, love, & america....or 10 days until our wedding.
pink treats!

not anymore. =)