Thursday, August 20, 2015

the jeremagz wedding shower.

our shower was such a special day! it's amazing to have the support of a loving church family. my mom decorated using our wedding colors & incorporated themes jeremy & i love (COFFEE & MUSIC). it couldn't have looked any better!

lots of brunch eaten.
lots of wisdom shared.
lots of gifts opened.

we are truly blessed!

love my momma! so thankful for all her hard work to make the shower perfect!
sister picture (minus one, but see below)
BFF picture!
i'll spare you too many gift opening pictures BUT....
jeremy's excitement over a box of waffle mix is priceless!
it was nice to have jeremy's side of the family there.
after seven years, it was always you. =)


**all photos taken by mayci (except the one she is in)