Wednesday, October 28, 2015

honeymoon (part one)

in early september we took our belated honeymoon to florida & had a blast! we decided to drive so we could enjoy some road trippy shenanigans along the way. 
attempted to travel journal. attempt was a failure. haha.
a quick stop at metropolis because that's what you do when you drive through metropolis.
we stopped in nashville for a couple of hours & had to get that touristy nashville pic. :)
barista parlor is on many top coffee shop lists in the usa so we needed to give it a try. it did not disappoint!
the most delicious sno cone!
we stayed the night in georgia and woke up to a flat tire! bummer! it put us a little behind, but we still safely made it to florida that night. ptl!
we stayed at the cabana bay beach resort where there's free color tv & cool air. :) i could rave on & on about this place because i just loved our stay there. it's a 1950s themed hotel so it was totally my thing. i loved all the details put into the hotel & the color scheme is my favorite color combo. everything was just so gorgeous!
this was the view from our room!

vo5 & zest! see what i mean about attention to detail?!
jeremy & i were rockin the coolest floaties in the lazy river.
the starbucks in the resort had an incredible mug display.
the dining area played advertisements from the 1950s. it was pretty entertaining!

as i mentioned, we LOVED our time at cabana bay & would gladly go back someday if possible. 

next up, the theme parks!