Monday, October 12, 2015

september iphone

september has come & already gone. the month brought the start of all things fall & pumpkin related, even if it was still 90 degrees outside. you gotta make the most of the season! 
baked pumpkin latte on the first day of fall.
cute cookie monster donut from titus' birthday.
outdoor symphony with yummy pumpkin pop (which is delicious in case you are curious)
zoo trip!
dress like a pirate = free donuts
having a six flags day!
we ended our six flags day by seeing the most fabulous fireworks display ever from a benefit that was happening nearby!
first pumpkin spice had to be documented.
my mom got us these adorable milkshake glasses that needed to be used. :) cookie butter milkshakes are two thumbs up!
the st. louis library has a 'where the wild things are' exhibit. it's definitely worth checking out!
national coffee day meant free donuts! man, krispy kreme sure was generous to us this month.
pumpkin pancakes with a big ole slab of butter just because.
we ended the month with some beautiful speckled clouds.