Tuesday, November 3, 2015

honeymoon (part two - WIZARDING WORLD!)

the wizarding world of harry potter was a dream come true! ever since i first heard that a harry potter theme park was in the works, i truly hoped that i would be able to experience it at least once. let me just say that if you are a harry potter fan, it is so incredibly worth it! jeremy & i did a 3 day pass to universal studios & this is where we spent a bulk of our time.
everything was so magical! although i did not cry when i first entered, i did hyperventilate because it was just sorta overwhelming seeing everything i've read/seen for so many years come to life. then, to top it all off, the movie soundtracks are constantly playing in the background making me feel all kinds of emotions. #harrypotternerdforlife

we stayed at a universal studios resort which gave us early admission to the theme parks. lest i lead anyone astray thinking jeremy & i were the only ones at the park, i took many of my photos during this early admission hour because it is EXTREMELY crowded during regular hours (and this was during the off season).

warning there are about 394 pictures....

...and i hope you read 394 in your best snape voice. :) 

 okay, now i'm ready to go back & drink more butterbeer! good thing hogwarts will always be there to welcome me home.  :)

mischief managed. 


ps - part one of honeymoon HERE

Brooke Ashlin said...

OMG! I will be there for my honeymoon in 4 months!

I LOVED this post!

Can't wait to follow along with your blog :)

- Brooke ::

Amy Lee said...

Uh yeah, I have no idea what any of this means other than it looks like you had a good time and that pleases me.