Thursday, March 31, 2016

marching on

yeah, that's a cheesy blog title, but anyway, march was an extremely busy month! we attended two weddings & celebrated two anniversaries in our families! it didn't seem like there were many dull moments around here this month. tomorrow begins our annual bible conference at church (which is always an exciting, yet exhausting time) so april seems to be off to a busy start as well! i'm looking forward to some chill moments with my hubz this month as things slow down (hopefully).

i put up these easter bunnies on the first day of march & took them down today.
lots of pretty flowers & plant photos were taken in march (with some coffee thrown in, of course).
my grandparents celebrated their 61st anniversary & jeremy's parents celebrated their 49th!! we are thankful for faithful, Godly examples in marriage.
i voted on the same day that happened to be free cone day at dq.
lucky charms sure tasted good this month!
got to babysit this cutie! the baby's room is a work in progress, but it's finally coming together!
easter sunday.
mommy/daughter lunch date where we ended up doing some shopping & knocking out some baby registering!
yesterday, we participated in another chick-fil-a grand opening for free chick-fil-a for a year. this one was probably the worst one yet due to the weather. it was raining the majority of the time & i think most of the tents flooded resulting in everyone sleeping in gross wetness, BUT every time i eat my free chicken for the next year i will think how it was worth it AND i'm hoping to laugh about the whole experience soon. =)
we survived!


Wednesday, March 23, 2016

feels like spring

weekends with my husband are my favorite! due to his hectic work schedule, i don't get to see him as much as i would like during the weekdays, so weekends are so refreshing! whether we stay at home or have plans, i just like being with him. =) 
these were taken last weekend when we were out & about all saturday. we attended a wedding, strolled around the park, ate dinner at the shaved duck, browsed around at babies r us, & accomplished a few other errands. 
21 weeks!
jeremy is so enthusiastic to take photos. hehe.
the first of many tulips was in bloom at forest park!!
the smothered fries were my favorite thing we tried from the shaved duck!
he's gonna be such a good daddy. =)


Friday, March 11, 2016

20 weeks!

officially halfway through this pregnancy & baby girl is the size of a banana!! on a sidenote, it is much more fun to say banana in your best minion voice. i've been doing it all week so you can trust me on that. anyway, it's so nice to be able to call our baby by her name & to keep an eye out for girly things everywhere we go.

how far along? 20 weeks!

maternity clothes? yes & no. 
sleep: pregnancy insomnia has struck! i can fall asleep with ease, but wake up after & couple hours. i think it’s the Lord’s way of preparing me for the baby. =)

best moment this week: see 'movement' below

movement: funny, if you would have asked me at the beginning of the week i would have said not yet, BUT the last 3 days i've felt little flutters & that has put a smile on my face. no major kicks yet.

food cravings: still love them thomas bagels & orange juice! although, surprisingly not together. also, i’ve had a craving for laffy taffy (a particular kind that i have yet to find & not bite size), so jeremy & i are on the lookout until that craving is satisfied.

food aversions: nothing terrible, especially compared to the 1st trimester. i've even been eating a little bit of chocolate here & there.

have you started to show yet? yes...

gender prediction: girl! (and it was right)

labor signs: too early

belly button in or out? in 

wedding rings on or off?

happy or moody most of the time: overall happy, but the wacky pregnancy emotions will come out at the most unexpected times.
milestones: hitting the halfway point!

name picked out? yes

what I miss: sleeping comfortably

looking forward to: seeing baby girl again at her ultrasound in 2 weeks & shopping (aka – thrifting) for her!

Thursday, March 10, 2016

a quick trip to springfield!

jeremy & i took a quick one day trip to springfield for a wedding of one of his friends. we decided to make the most of it & spend the whole day there! first stop - hurts donuts! it's always a must when visiting springfield. we got these donuts as our 'souvenir' to take back with us. also, i have to mention that jeremy tried a tang donut. yuck!
we tried out cherry picker, a new coffee place in springfield. yum!
we took a stroll around jeremy's alma mater. we basically had the place to ourselves since the campus was on spring break. 
this was the first pink blossom tree i've seen this season (i don't think they are in bloom yet in stl) & it made me so happy!
we went to london calling for lunch because it's one of jeremy's favorites. it's such a cute little spot with authentic british food. you can even eat on the bus! also, i love their packaging.
for dessert, we went to elle's patisserie. we were pretty full, but wanted to try it out. i got one macaroon & jeremy got one truffle. they were good!
before the wedding, we took a walk around a beautiful park. i don't remember the name of it, but i would love to go back when all the flowers are in bloom!
after the wedding, we were able to squeeze in a little bit of thrifting before heading home. i found baby girl the cutest pair of high waisted pants!
it was such a beautiful day & the plus side was i got to spend the whole day with my hubz!!! i love him!


Tuesday, March 1, 2016

jan/feb leftovers

during these past winter months i took pictures, but since i wasn't feeling very well (1st trimester) i didn't take very many....and that's okay! here are the leftovers from jan & feb that i haven't gotten around to posting.
i attempted to do a color story photo challenge where you post a picture of one color each day. i didn't quite complete the rainbow, but here's  my yellow & orange submissions.

jeremy & i went to the ice sculpture festival which is one of my favorite january events! you can see a blogpost about it a couple years ago HERE. this year the star wars' sculptures were my favorite.
that's a whole lotta food for 2 (well, 3) people, but hey, we had a gift card! haha.

one saturday in february was super nice so we took advantage & went to the park to stroll around the lake. we got chiptole burritos after that. the lady working was so sweet & after we sat down i noticed the burritos said 'his' & 'hers' which i thought was adorable.
my current craving has been all orange related things, especially a homemade orange julius! #hansoloapproved
you know the rule - if you come to church matching, you have to get a picture together. =)
my favorite baby girl things - vintage dresses, bonnets, & baby sunglasses!! thanks to molli for the outfit.
my overly adorable guests this past week.
and a pinkish pineapple to finish off this post. haha! #watchoutforthepineapples