Thursday, March 10, 2016

a quick trip to springfield!

jeremy & i took a quick one day trip to springfield for a wedding of one of his friends. we decided to make the most of it & spend the whole day there! first stop - hurts donuts! it's always a must when visiting springfield. we got these donuts as our 'souvenir' to take back with us. also, i have to mention that jeremy tried a tang donut. yuck!
we tried out cherry picker, a new coffee place in springfield. yum!
we took a stroll around jeremy's alma mater. we basically had the place to ourselves since the campus was on spring break. 
this was the first pink blossom tree i've seen this season (i don't think they are in bloom yet in stl) & it made me so happy!
we went to london calling for lunch because it's one of jeremy's favorites. it's such a cute little spot with authentic british food. you can even eat on the bus! also, i love their packaging.
for dessert, we went to elle's patisserie. we were pretty full, but wanted to try it out. i got one macaroon & jeremy got one truffle. they were good!
before the wedding, we took a walk around a beautiful park. i don't remember the name of it, but i would love to go back when all the flowers are in bloom!
after the wedding, we were able to squeeze in a little bit of thrifting before heading home. i found baby girl the cutest pair of high waisted pants!
it was such a beautiful day & the plus side was i got to spend the whole day with my hubz!!! i love him!