Tuesday, March 1, 2016

IT'S A GIRL! (sprinkle's gender reveal party)

happy 1st day of march! this past weekend we officially announced the gender of baby sprinkle! i was kind of debating on whether or not to do a gender reveal, but ultimately we decided it would be fun to announce to everyone at the same time. since baby sprinkle is nicknamed baby sprinkle LOTS & LOTS of sprinkles were the key ingredient to the party! i ordered 6 lbs of sprinkles in both colors since there wouldn’t be any time in between doctor appointment & party. so, yes , i have an abundance of blue sprinkles leftover. =) 

everyone decorated a cookie with the appropriate color of their guess. then, we popped the sprinkles to reveal we are having a GIRL! my gut feeling has been girl, but i didn’t really think i could rely on such thing as a gut. needless to say, we are THRILLED!! we also did a little hangman game for everyone to guess the name. i think i’m going to keep that a secret from the internet until baby is born, but i don’t mind telling anyone in person. haha.
that blue punch was amazing. thanks, mom.
everyone with their guesses.
my husband, the trooper.
we also celebrated this girl's birthday! happy 3rd birthday, legacy!

 thank you, mayci, for taking pictures for me that day.

now the fun begins since it's time to start shopping/thrifting baby girl stuff!