Tuesday, March 1, 2016

jan/feb leftovers

during these past winter months i took pictures, but since i wasn't feeling very well (1st trimester) i didn't take very many....and that's okay! here are the leftovers from jan & feb that i haven't gotten around to posting.
i attempted to do a color story photo challenge where you post a picture of one color each day. i didn't quite complete the rainbow, but here's  my yellow & orange submissions.

jeremy & i went to the ice sculpture festival which is one of my favorite january events! you can see a blogpost about it a couple years ago HERE. this year the star wars' sculptures were my favorite.
that's a whole lotta food for 2 (well, 3) people, but hey, we had a gift card! haha.

one saturday in february was super nice so we took advantage & went to the park to stroll around the lake. we got chiptole burritos after that. the lady working was so sweet & after we sat down i noticed the burritos said 'his' & 'hers' which i thought was adorable.
my current craving has been all orange related things, especially a homemade orange julius! #hansoloapproved
you know the rule - if you come to church matching, you have to get a picture together. =)
my favorite baby girl things - vintage dresses, bonnets, & baby sunglasses!! thanks to molli for the outfit.
my overly adorable guests this past week.
and a pinkish pineapple to finish off this post. haha! #watchoutforthepineapples