Thursday, March 31, 2016

marching on

yeah, that's a cheesy blog title, but anyway, march was an extremely busy month! we attended two weddings & celebrated two anniversaries in our families! it didn't seem like there were many dull moments around here this month. tomorrow begins our annual bible conference at church (which is always an exciting, yet exhausting time) so april seems to be off to a busy start as well! i'm looking forward to some chill moments with my hubz this month as things slow down (hopefully).

i put up these easter bunnies on the first day of march & took them down today.
lots of pretty flowers & plant photos were taken in march (with some coffee thrown in, of course).
my grandparents celebrated their 61st anniversary & jeremy's parents celebrated their 49th!! we are thankful for faithful, Godly examples in marriage.
i voted on the same day that happened to be free cone day at dq.
lucky charms sure tasted good this month!
got to babysit this cutie! the baby's room is a work in progress, but it's finally coming together!
easter sunday.
mommy/daughter lunch date where we ended up doing some shopping & knocking out some baby registering!
yesterday, we participated in another chick-fil-a grand opening for free chick-fil-a for a year. this one was probably the worst one yet due to the weather. it was raining the majority of the time & i think most of the tents flooded resulting in everyone sleeping in gross wetness, BUT every time i eat my free chicken for the next year i will think how it was worth it AND i'm hoping to laugh about the whole experience soon. =)
we survived!