Thursday, April 28, 2016

farmers' market & bowood farms

jeremy & i had a little 'day date' saturday to tower grove farmers' market & bowood farms. i've never been to the tower grove farmers' market so it was fun to browse around, although very crowded since it had recently opened for the season.

when your husband matches the wall... =)
26 weeks!
i had to include this because a lady walked by & said we looked "so cute & in love" that she had to take our picture. haha.
i was so impressed with bowood farms because it was so beautiful! when you walk in & see the gorgeous gift shop that is selling your favorite brand (rifle paper co), you know you're in for a treat! they also have a little cafe where you can eat in the garden. we had already eaten by then, but it would be fun to try out one day!
isn't bowood pretty?! this is our plant baby that we took home with us.
we finished with some chocolate shakes from chuck-a-burger because baby girl needed one. =)

what a beautiful spring day!!

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

tiptoe through the tulips

well, it's spring which means that seeing the tulips is a MUST on my list! jeremy & i ventured out this past weekend to do just that. st. louis doesn't have any tulips fields (that i know of), but forest park offers a lovely display that always fills the tulip void in my heart. the downside this year was that we went early enough where not everything was complete, like water in some of the basins & some things not in bloom. tulips are feeble so i was afraid if we waited a couple weeks to see them, they would be about gone. the other downer this year was that the day we went was SO sunny, which makes it difficult to take pictures. i just don't know how to handle direct sunlight photography. the plus side was that the tulips were pink (they change the colors every year) & pink just makes me think of our baby girl! =)

my last colored instax film matched the tulips!

another wonderful weekend with my hubz! 

if you're a tulip fanatic like myself then here are bunch of tulips pictures from previous year:

2013: HERE (you can see how lush & green everything is here compared to this year...blooming a little bit later in the month makes a huge difference!)
2014: HERE & HERE & HERE (the last link is botanical gardens & it is also a beautiful place to see tulips in st. louis)
2015: HERE

Monday, April 11, 2016

24 weeks!

24 weeks & time is just inching along!
i thought i posted these in march, but realized they never got published. can't get enough bump photos!

 and now it's time for the 'every 4 weeks' pregnancy questionnaire:

how far along? 24 weeks & 6 days.

maternity clothes: yes.

sleep: is precious! some nights are fine; some nights are rough.

best moment this week: not exactly baby related, but seeing the tulips in bloom was the highlight of my week! those of you that know me, know i'm tulip obsessed. it made me excited to take our baby to see them next year. 

movement: yes, quite frequently! it's so sweet (for now...haha). we are still waiting for jeremy to feel it because the kicks are not strong enough for that yet. hopefully by my next pregnancy questionnaire (28 weeks) jeremy will have felt those precious kicks too.

food cravings: nothing major, but this week i’ve been eating a lot of golden grahams.

food aversions: give me all the food! nothing has completely grossed me out recently.

have you started to show yet? yup.

gender: girl

labor signs: nope

belly button in or out? in…for now! it is definitely starting to disappear.

wedding rings on or off?

happy or moody most of the time: very happy to be carrying this little one, BUT that doesn’t take away all the crazy hormones which make me cry or become moody over silly stuff.

milestones: crying over food (it was accidently ordered wrong) but it goes down as one of those embarrassing moments that made me feel very pregnant. 

name picked out? yes.  

what I miss: buckling my own shoes! haha. i seriously had to have jeremy help me because it was uncomfortable & so hard for me to reach. guess i’ll be wearing flip flops a lot this summer!

looking forward to:  getting baby’s room done! there’s not that much left to do, but i look forward to it being complete.


Monday, April 4, 2016

pinkblush maternity (+ a giveaway!)

let's talk about clothes! it is a rather passionate topic of mine. haha

as a first time mom-to-be, i was SO excited to dress my bump & thought it would be a fun challenge. i anticipated being able to wear my non-maternity clothes for awhile before having to buy maternity clothes. let's just say i wasn't prepared for all the changes my body was making & even though i didn't have a distinguished bump early on, very few of my 'normal' clothes seemed to fit right anymore. 
i quickly became aware of just how hard it is to find cute maternity clothes. there were limited choices & the mall shops just really weren't my style. someway or another i stumbled upon pinkblush maternity & loved it! pinkblush maternity is a online boutique (family operated!) full of fashionable options for moms-to-be. i purchased a dress from them about a month ago (you can see it HERE) & was very pleased with it. they run a lot of sales so their clothes are nice & affordable.
 this week i was just telling jeremy how maternity dresses are more comfortable to me (even 'dressier' dresses like the one i'm wearing) than maternity jeans. anyway, i've had my eye on this dress since i first saw it. the color combination is beautiful (yes, you may get comments about arizona green tea, but that just shows they have a good logo/brand) & it screams spring! it would be the perfect dress to wear to a baby shower or any other springtime event. 
**i have to include this picture too because jeremy & i were unintentionally matching which seems to happen frequently. =)

pinkblush has graciously offered me the chance to give one special person a $75 giftcard!! go check out all the cute maternity dresses & you will want to win! the great thing is you don't even have to be pregnant to enter as they have women's & plus sizes too! if you head on over to my instagram (@jeremagz), you can see how to enter. no instagram? no problem! simply leave a comment on my blog as your entry. contest ends friday, april 8th at 8:00 AM central time. good luck!