Thursday, April 28, 2016

farmers' market & bowood farms

jeremy & i had a little 'day date' saturday to tower grove farmers' market & bowood farms. i've never been to the tower grove farmers' market so it was fun to browse around, although very crowded since it had recently opened for the season.

when your husband matches the wall... =)
26 weeks!
i had to include this because a lady walked by & said we looked "so cute & in love" that she had to take our picture. haha.
i was so impressed with bowood farms because it was so beautiful! when you walk in & see the gorgeous gift shop that is selling your favorite brand (rifle paper co), you know you're in for a treat! they also have a little cafe where you can eat in the garden. we had already eaten by then, but it would be fun to try out one day!
isn't bowood pretty?! this is our plant baby that we took home with us.
we finished with some chocolate shakes from chuck-a-burger because baby girl needed one. =)

what a beautiful spring day!!