Tuesday, April 12, 2016

tiptoe through the tulips

well, it's spring which means that seeing the tulips is a MUST on my list! jeremy & i ventured out this past weekend to do just that. st. louis doesn't have any tulips fields (that i know of), but forest park offers a lovely display that always fills the tulip void in my heart. the downside this year was that we went early enough where not everything was complete, like water in some of the basins & some things not in bloom. tulips are feeble so i was afraid if we waited a couple weeks to see them, they would be about gone. the other downer this year was that the day we went was SO sunny, which makes it difficult to take pictures. i just don't know how to handle direct sunlight photography. the plus side was that the tulips were pink (they change the colors every year) & pink just makes me think of our baby girl! =)

my last colored instax film matched the tulips!

another wonderful weekend with my hubz! 

if you're a tulip fanatic like myself then here are bunch of tulips pictures from previous year:

2013: HERE (you can see how lush & green everything is here compared to this year...blooming a little bit later in the month makes a huge difference!)
2014: HERE & HERE & HERE (the last link is botanical gardens & it is also a beautiful place to see tulips in st. louis)
2015: HERE