Thursday, June 2, 2016

32 weeks!

32 weeks & so much has changed since my last bump update! more kicks, more belly, more trips to the doctor, more trips to the bathroom, more tums, more swelling, more heat flashes...
BUT it has also brought more smiles feeling the life inside of me so frequently, more joy knowing that we will get to meet our daughter soon, & more excitement at the thought of being parents. we feel so blessed & thankful. 
 question time!

how far along? 32 weeks.

maternity clothes: yes.

sleep: just okay.

best moment this week: getting the baby's closet & most of her other stuff organized.

movement: yes! every day now AND since my last bump update at 28 weeks i’m happy to report that jeremy has felt our baby kick!! just for my own reference this happened around 30 weeks.

food cravings: ice cream!

food aversions: nothing comes to mind.

have you started to show yet? yes.

gender: girl.

labor signs: nope.

belly button in or out? kinda in? it looks...different.

wedding rings on or off?

happy or moody most of the time: still feel hormonal, but not as much of a cry baby as last time i checked in on here.

milestones: a stranger asking me about my pregnancy!!! i’ve been waiting for this milestone because i’m taking it to mean that i officially look pregnant. haha.

name picked out? yes.  

what I miss: eating without heartburn.

looking forward to:  july!