Thursday, June 30, 2016

36 weeks!

 just a little 36 weeks update & a few pictures!

how far along? 36 weeks!

maternity clothes: yes.

sleep: more & more uncomfortable.

best moment this week: hearing the heartbeat is always a good moment & enjoying some cooler weather this week was a nice break for my pregnant body!

movement: lots & lots of movement!! anytime i have an appointment i always get comments on how active she is.

food cravings: still ice cream!

food aversions: nothing major, but maybe leftovers…sometimes.

have you started to show yet? yes.

gender: girl.

labor signs: nothing too exciting.

belly button in or out? still in.  

wedding rings on or off?

happy or moody most of the time: happy most of the time! it’s funny how the answer to this question seems to change so often.

milestones: appointments every week! it’s crazy to think we’re already to this point. 

name picked out? yes.  

what I miss: never having to contemplate if i should pick something up. nowadays i always wonder if it’s worth bending over, which also has made me realize how much i drop stuff!

looking forward to: a little babymoon this weekend!

and a little rambling from a pregnant woman:
  • this may be my last bump update post! we’ll see! the next one would be scheduled for 40 weeks & if i’m still pregnant then i don’t know if i’ll feel up to it.
  •  my sister had her baby on june 15th so it would be really special & kind of neat if mabel was born july 15th ... so that’s what i am hoping, but not getting my hopes up at the same time. haha. i’m trying to mentally prepare to go late.
  • jeremy & i will have been married an entire year on monday! i’ve been thinking about that this week & it seems so, so crazy that it has been almost 365 days! there is no logic in this statement at all, but i’m gonna state it anyway: married life seems to have flown by, but this pregnancy has gone so slow. yeah, that makes no sense. haha.
  • speaking of time, the last 4 weeks since my 32 week update have actually gone by super-fast compared to the rest of this pregnancy. i have a feeling the next 4 weeks will go by at a snail’s pace, especially when i see so many other people having their babies! 
alright, enough of random ramblings!