Thursday, July 28, 2016

summer lovin' 2016

no baby yet, so why not take the time to post 101 summer fun photos?! 
this past week i have pretty much hibernated indoors, but before that i spent way more time outside than what i thought my pregnant self would be doing!

Friday, July 15, 2016

mabel's room

what's black & white & pink & green & gold & a million different patterns & ice cream themed? mabel's room, of course!! 

this has been such a fun room to decorate! it may not look like much, but i wanted to document what it looks like before mabel is born as i'm sure it will get tweaked here & there as the months go by. 

so, the quick story behind the nursery is i knew i wanted the base to be black & white because we literally have nothing else in the house that color scheme! you just can't go wrong with classic black & white. =) our house has blue carpet (not my preference) so the first step was getting a giant rug to cover up most of the room. thank you, ikea, for having the perfect solution! 

once we knew the gender of our baby, then i wanted to pop in some other fun colors. even after we found out we were having a girl, i wasn't completely sold on pink. it wasn't until target introduced their new pillowfort line for children's home decor & i saw the mint green & pink ice cream pictures (shown above the crib) that i knew i had to get those for mabel's room. those pictures are what i based the rest of the room's color scheme & it's been fun to slowly collect things ever since! 

as i mentioned in this post, my mom & sisters decorated my shower beautifully in the theme of mabel's room so i was able to incorporate lots of their homemade decorations (like the ice cream garland!!) into her room. 

aren't newborn bracelets the sweetest?
so, if anyone has a cute headband storage suggestion, let me know! i wanted the headbands out in the open so i could see them all. after brainstorming ideas & scouring pinterest, i still didn't come up with any grand solutions so the peg rack will do for now!
had to sneak a picture of my diaper bag in because i love it. it converts to a backpack!

well, that was probably wayyyy too many pictures, but i have no regrets. =) now we just wait patiently for baby girl to make her appearance!!