Tuesday, September 13, 2016

mabel scout - the first 6 weeks

mabel scout made her grand entrance into the world on july 30th. it’s hard to believe that was over 6 weeks ago! as many of you know, she had a rough start. she was very unexpectedly whisked away to the nicu after appearing to be fine for the first 20 minutes of her life. those were some of the scariest moments of my life followed by her 10 day stay in the nicu which were some of the most mentally & emotionally draining days. many people have asked me what was wrong with her, but no primary diagnosis was ever given. jeremy & i have some theories/opinions on what we think happened, but a blog isn't really the place to share them. we are just extremely thankful that she is doing great now!

finally getting to hold her!

it has been a challenging 6 weeks, but she has brought us so much joy. 
we love you, mabel scout!