Wednesday, December 27, 2017

christmas video 2017

hope everyone had a wonderful christmas time! this is my 5th annual christmas video! that is kind of hard to believe. honestly, i almost didn't make one this year because i've had a lot of phone issues this month. haha. this resulted in me losing video clips at the beginning of december. i've been using a friend's backup phone right now so i was able to record some & scrounge up a lil christmas video. 


2013 christmas video HERE
2014 christmas video HERE
2015 christmas video HERE
2016 christmas video HERE
Monday, December 18, 2017

almost 32 weeks

just poppin in to share a few little life updates during this season!

i’m officially 31 weeks and 5 days.

we bought a minivan! i couldn’t be more excited to be a minivan mama! haha. for anyone who doesn’t know, we’ve been driving around a little coupe. it was great for my commuter college days, but not ideal since having a baby & expecting another. 

we'll also be moving here shortly! it'll just be up the street & we don't have an official move date yet.

hot chocolate has been my new preggo obsession. i typically will drink it once or twice during the holiday season, but i’ve been enjoying it pretty much every other day for the past few weeks. 

mabel has been enjoying the christmas season! i mentioned last time that she will point to the tree first thing in the morning so that i will turn on the lights. well, she now knows the other two places i plug in lights & will point to those as well until they get plugged in. she automatically points to the tree if she hears you say “christmas.” she has also been a little obsessed with staring and pointing to the faces of anyone who sends us a christmas card. =)

wishing everyone a joyous holiday season!


ps- thanks to menzi for taking this picture. my sweater cardigan is from pinkblush.  it's been my new favorite piece for this upcoming winter! it's so warm that i'll wear it as a coat for these mild weather days we've been having.

Tuesday, December 5, 2017

it's beginning to look a lot like...


yay! the season is upon us! here are a few christmas photos taken so far. i've loved experiencing this time of year with a 16 month old. surprisingly, she has shown no interest in attacking ornaments (yet) but will stand by the tree and yell MOMMY!! every morning as a reminder for me to plug in the lights. =) and if you talk about christmas, she automatically associates it with the tree & points to it. love it!

it's been unseasonably warm so we took advantage of that to go to the zoo!
mabel loves pointing to my belly & saying BABY. it's one of the cutest things.

Wednesday, November 22, 2017

28 week bumpdate

hello third trimester! you totally snuck up on me! it wasn’t until i went to my last doctor’s appointment & he mentioned it, did i even realize that it was upon me. it’s been awhile since i’ve done a bumpdate so the beginning of this last stretch of pregnancy seemed like the perfect time. 

yesterday, i took the dreaded glucose test. it’s not scary to me overall, but i feel like i have to mentally prepare for it because i just despise it. also happening yesterday was the first time someone who did not know i was pregnant asked me my due date! i guess that’s either a good sign that i look pregnant or a bad thing that i am large & in charge. mabel now knows how to point at my belly & say BABY. it’s the cutest thing. i still have a hard time imagining my baby becoming a big sister!

i have scheduled all my doctor appointments for the rest of the year. it seems surreal that i’m coming up to the biweekly & weekly appointments but they are penciled in. 

as far as food cravings go, i am still enjoying all things pretzel. i’ve definitely noticed a surge in my sweet tooth that has happened since my last update. it seems to have tamed down a little bit the past two weeks, but i still managed to throw some oatmeal crème pies in my cart yesterday….something i never buy, but they just called my name while grocery shopping.  speaking of food, i’m also kind of excited that i can use the ole ‘i’m eating for two’ excuse this thanksgiving. haha!

pregnancy symptoms have still been on the mild side and i’m sooo grateful for that! baby boba still likes to wake me up randomly in the middle of the night & not let me fall back asleep. i’ve also had some no-fun heartburn & shortness of breath, but that’s been about it. 

jeremy & i do have a named picked out! woohoo! we have decided not to share it until the baby comes. it would be undeniably amazing if she came on her due date (valentine’s day!), but the chances of babies coming on their actual due date are pretty slim, right?

i’m so thankful for this sweet baby girl growing inside of me! even though i have an anterior placenta, she makes her presence known with some crazy, precious kicks! 

thank you to merri for snapping these pictures!
dress from pinkblush maternity.


Friday, November 10, 2017

the start of november

it's really crazy to believe that november is already here & the holiday madness has already begun! i'm holding off on christmas decorating for a bit longer (my husband's request) but the time is coming!
here's what the beginning of the month has looked like for us. 
let's start with documenting the 26 week bump! when the ultrasound technician gave me this giant roll of pictures, i knew i had to get a snap with it. this maternity dress is from pinkblush. it has quickly become one of my favorite maternity dresses! i love that the bell sleeves are practical for everyday wear & the dress itself is super soft!
we went up to the top of the st. louis arch last weekend to celebrate jeremy's birthday. he had not been up before (well, he may have as an infant, but not old enough to remember. haha) so now jeremy & mabel are true st. louisans.
the fall colors this season have been amazing! the past few years have been a dud so this has been a real treat.

i love mabel's scrunch face!

we celebrated jeremy's 33rd birthday! his request was chimichangas & homemade poptarts. =)

we've also been experiencing a little bit of sickness that's been going around. poor mabel has gotten it the worst. hopefully it passes soon!

Tuesday, October 31, 2017

the many costumes of mabel

or should i say the "minnie" costumes of mabel! the plan was for her just to be minnie, but some of these other costumes kind of happened. i love having a baby girl to dress up!
i found the minnie dress at a resale shop. the peter pan collar sold me! i wanted to come up with something creative or original for her to be this year, but this dress was too cute (and cheap) to pass up.

the alice in wonderland costume was for a book contest on instagram. she already had the dress which is the perfect shade of alice blue. my mom had a kid's apron that she customized to fit the outfit & tada- the cutest alice!

our church celebrated the 500th anniversary of the reformation. we weren't planning on dressing up but my sister had this 'renaissance fairy' costume that she let us borrow so we went with it. i know, i know,  it's so authentic to the time period! haha
there's really not much to this leopard costume. she wore it simply because she had leopard shoes & ears!
being pregnant during halloween seems like a great chance to come up with a creative costume, but being pregnant also means your motivation is just not there sometimes. haha. i had pinned a similar shirt to this in case i was ever pregnant on halloween, so the death star i am. maybe i can get jeremy to dress up as obi-wan...?

happy reformation day!
sola fide
sola scriptura
solus christus
sola gratia
soli deo gloria!

Sunday, October 29, 2017

fall feels

it seems as though october is quickly coming to a close. here in missouri we went from temperatures in the upper 80s to low 40s in a week! my poor baby is coming down with a cold to prove it. i love taking pictures & exploring right now during the peak of fall. jeremy & i have taken the scenic route a couple of times this past week just to see all the pretty fall foliage! 

this little girl will be 15 months tomorrow!
and i will be 25 weeks on wednesday! also, this cardigan is from pinkblush. i love the color & it is perfect for fall!

she's been getting lots of big sister practice in. =) also, her knee rolls in this picture give me all the heart eyes.
this family picture is due to the fact that when we were walking out the door for church, i realized we were all accidentally coordinating! winning!
speaking of coordinating, i love matching with my girl!
traditional halloween donuts are a must!
what better way to end the last weekend in october than with butterbeer!

Thursday, October 26, 2017

my pumpkin

hello there! if you take a look around, you'll see that things are a little bit different around here! i'm working on sprucing up this space. it's been the same for almost 4 years so it was highly overdue! there are still lots of kinks to work out that will probably take me awhile (it's a work in progress!), but i'm pretty excited about the refresh.

anyway, here's a few pictures of my pumpkin baby in october with some other random photos thrown in! fall really is my favorite! the leaves are starting to change & i really am so excited to soak up some fall goodness over the next couple of weeks.