Sunday, February 5, 2017

all the holidays

in an effort to catch up on blogging quickly, i'm going to post a short(ish) photo recap of the holiday season. 
when i say holiday season, i mean halloween, thanksgiving, & christmas. haha! 😂

our family costume this year for halloween was harry potter themed. mabel couldn't have cooperated any better!

november seems like a blur! that is exactly why i take pictures -- so i can remember what was going on, especially during busy seasons. 
 christmas!!! 🎄❤️ it was so fun to have a little one during this season. i thought mabel would like staring at all the christmas lights in our house, but she really showed no interest until like two days before christmas.

well, hopefully this year i stay on top of blogging so i don't have to combine all the holidays in one post! 😂