Tuesday, August 29, 2017

DC in a day!

we just returned home from a wonderful vacation in the outer banks area. on the way back we made a pit stop to see DC before the long drive to missouri. i decided to start with sharing these pictures first since the thought of going through all my outer banks pictures is a little overwhelming at the moment.

we had a great time exploring DC even though it was completely exhausting. when people tell you to be prepared to walk, they are not kidding! although our time was limited we managed to squeeze in the lincoln memorial, washington monument, a quick walk through the national museum of american history, the u.s. capitol building, & some yummy pizza. i'm so glad we had the chance to see our nation's capital even though it was brief. hoping we can go back & spend more time someday!

 mabel was such a trooper that day! you can see she loved her first experience with public transportation. i think we wore her out because she slept nearly the whole time on the drive back the next day. 


ps- i feel like blogger is making many of my photos blurry so sorry in advance for that!

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

one is fun!

my firstborn turned one at the end of july & i'm still a little in disbelief! those first few months were challenging, but now they seem like a blur. motherhood has already shown me my own weakness, but i'm so thankful for each & everyday (and God's grace in parenting!). 

mabel scout, it's been a joy seeing you grow! your poppa daddy & i love seeing your personality blossom. you always know how to bring a smile to our faces. we love you lots & can't wait to see you become a big sister!!

we had a great day celebrating mabel & couldn't have asked for better weather considering the temps were in the 100s the weekend before. 

 a huge thanks to my sister, mayci, for providing most of these pictures & my mom for making mabel's smash cake and the ice cream cake. also, my momma made the ice cream garland which you may recognize from my baby shower!


Friday, August 11, 2017

month by month with mabel

well, i officially completed the 'month by month with mabel' project. let me tell you, i have mad respect for the mommas who create beautiful monthly photos because this was NOT EASY!! haha. mabel absolutely hated being on her back basically from birth & that has never changed. guess i should think through those details for this next baby.😉 also, her pictures (almost) always fell on gloomy days which equals poor lighting. this resulted in me pretty much wanting to give up at about 6 months (and you can definitely tell that by her 12 month photo). even if i'm being overly critical, i'm still thankful for these photos & extra thankful that they are done!! love my mabel scout!💗

hoping to share mabel's birthday party soon!

Monday, August 7, 2017

sunflowers & sunsets

the sunflowers are in bloom!! jeremy & i both love an opportunity to explore our city especially seeing places we haven't been before. there was an article circulating facebook about these amazing sunflower fields that were relatively unknown near the st. louis area. we finally made the trip out to the columbia bottom conservation area & it was well worth it! 

my new favorite picture of my loves
the photo above is a classic example of forgetting to spit your gum out. <insert facepalm> haha.

and just as a matter of a little bumpdate - it's crazy (to me) that i'm almost out of the first trimester! it's amazing how fast it goes by when you're not in a constant state of sickness. baby boba has been nicer to me than mabel ever was. haha. i felt pretty sick weeks 6-8 so i was bracing myself for the worse, but amazingly, i began to feel better after week 8. crazy! especially considering the fact that i didn't feel sick with mabel until week 8. my biggest pregnancy symptoms so far have been major fatigue & leg pain...? kind of weird, but i'll take it over last pregnancy's nausea, vomiting, & major food aversions. 


maternity dress from pinkblush
mabel's sunflower crown from lulebloom
Sunday, August 6, 2017

baby boba!

even though most people know, it only feels right to make it 'blog official' and share that mabel is going to be a big sister! we are all thrilled! baby boba (just a nickname!) is due 2/14/18.  ❤️