Tuesday, August 15, 2017

one is fun!

my firstborn turned one at the end of july & i'm still a little in disbelief! those first few months were challenging, but now they seem like a blur. motherhood has already shown me my own weakness, but i'm so thankful for each & everyday (and God's grace in parenting!). 

mabel scout, it's been a joy seeing you grow! your poppa daddy & i love seeing your personality blossom. you always know how to bring a smile to our faces. we love you lots & can't wait to see you become a big sister!!

we had a great day celebrating mabel & couldn't have asked for better weather considering the temps were in the 100s the weekend before. 

 a huge thanks to my sister, mayci, for providing most of these pictures & my mom for making mabel's smash cake and the ice cream cake. also, my momma made the ice cream garland which you may recognize from my baby shower!