Monday, August 7, 2017

sunflowers & sunsets

the sunflowers are in bloom!! jeremy & i both love an opportunity to explore our city especially seeing places we haven't been before. there was an article circulating facebook about these amazing sunflower fields that were relatively unknown near the st. louis area. we finally made the trip out to the columbia bottom conservation area & it was well worth it! 

my new favorite picture of my loves
the photo above is a classic example of forgetting to spit your gum out. <insert facepalm> haha.

and just as a matter of a little bumpdate - it's crazy (to me) that i'm almost out of the first trimester! it's amazing how fast it goes by when you're not in a constant state of sickness. baby boba has been nicer to me than mabel ever was. haha. i felt pretty sick weeks 6-8 so i was bracing myself for the worse, but amazingly, i began to feel better after week 8. crazy! especially considering the fact that i didn't feel sick with mabel until week 8. my biggest pregnancy symptoms so far have been major fatigue & leg pain...? kind of weird, but i'll take it over last pregnancy's nausea, vomiting, & major food aversions. 


maternity dress from pinkblush
mabel's sunflower crown from lulebloom