Tuesday, October 10, 2017

the spontaneously planned road trip

october is one of my favorite months, but it always seems to fly by! i'm so thankful we were able to squeeze in a little autumn day trip. 

we had planned to take a mini road trip to the lake of the ozark area for weeks now. the forecast was predicting rainy weather for the majority of the day. we decided to go ahead & cancel the day before since most of what we were wanting to do was outside. when we got up the next morning, the weather for that area looked great! so we made the somewhat spontaneous decision to go ahead & road trip it up!  hence the title of the spontaneously planned road trip. =)

 my husband loves to take the scenic route when possible. i am the complete opposite mainly because the scenic route usually involves me getting sick. we took the ‘avoid highway’ route for this little day trip & it turned out to be a wonderful experience! the leaves were just starting to change so it was quite a beautiful drive! my favorite parts of the drive were cruising through a classic main street, usa where a festival was going on & the smell of kettle corn drifted in the air, seeing lots of farmland & horses, & driving by the cutest little cabin with yellow leaves surrounding it. 

our first stop was the cave pumpkin patch. this pumpkin patch was filled with activities including a cave decorated like a pumpkin!
we got to encounter the swinging bridge! this picture above doesn't make it look that terrifying, but driving across this one way creaky bridge was, indeed, terrifying.
next up was ha ha tonka state park! the highlight of this visit was seeing the beautiful turquoise water & the castle ruins.

lastly, we stopped at a route 66 diner. it just felt right to go there on a road trip. the inside was super cute! and this preggo woman thoroughly enjoyed a chocolate milkshake.

 we crammed a lot in, but it was a fun family day! jeremy & i both love these little adventures like this & mabel is becoming quite the travel champ!

also, my shirt is from pinkblush. they make the best maternity clothes that are even comfortable enough to travel in!